Family Meals

The dining table is a magnet to which loved ones are drawn when a nourishing meal is set upon it.

customized menus, Impeccably Sourced

As part of our Family Meals service, we work with households to create customized menus which are prepared in their kitchens.  We arrive with groceries and leave behind completed dishes, reheating instructions, and the cozy aromas of home cooking.  We design menus to encourage consumption of plenty of veggies and whole grains, with our omnivore clients enjoying pasture raised meats, sustainably harvested seafood and organic dairy.  We are proud of our long history of navigating dietary restrictions and allergies, as well. 

From weekly preparations of complete menus to occasionally stocking the freezer with healthy entrees, our goal is to support you in making the choice to eat homemade dinner at your own table. 

Our Family Meals service offers unlimited options for customizations, though most families choose either Fare for Four (three entrees, paired with side dishes) or Eats for Eight (four freezable entrees to eat now and/or stash away for busy nights).


Pricing begins at $440 plus the cost of groceries.  Please inquire to discuss your specific needs.


"Wow, the food is so good, so easy and I feel great after eating it (which is the tricky part). 

Thank you for making our lives, easy, fun and healthy!" - DJ, Woodside


Events at Home

Food is not about impressing people. It’s about making them feel comfortable.
— Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook


With thoughtful attention to what you have in mind for the style and feeling of the event, we staff the kitchen and servers to execute a menu that is seasonal, well sourced and welcomes your guests to your home.  From intimate dining room dinners to large standing receptions for any occasion and any time of day or evening, we've got you covered. 

And, for casual entertaining, our Fridays with Friends service allows you to take all the credit.  We menu plan, shop, prep, clean your kitchen and then take off! You simply execute final details and serve.


"The event last night was terrific!  Everyone raved about the food, and I agree ~ it was delicious! "  L.S., Hillsborough

"Thank you for creating an absolutely delicious menu! Our guests raved about your food and shared how friendly everyone was!" G.R., SF

“Mara's approach includes bringing her calm demeanor to the task at hand; your kitchen breathes a sigh of relief when she arrives and calmly begins her magic. What a pleasure it is to turn your dinner gathering over to such capable hands. Mara makes entertaining marvelously enjoyable -- as a hostess, I can relax; as a diner, I can indulge!” L.A., Hillsborough

“I didn't entertain for years, and then I found Mara! She has helped me during the past year entertaining family and friends, and has made it easy and pain free! I would recommend her to anyone!” M.G., Hillsborough

"Every thank you note we’ve received from our party guests included raves about the food. Thank you so much for making it so easy and delicious!” S.L., Portola Valley

"I just want to say THANK YOU for dinner last Wednesday. It was perfect! The flavors, textures and colors all felt like Spring, and your dinner received many compliments from the guests." B.G., Hillsborough

Chef Mara has been providing personal chef and at-home catering services around the San Francisco Bay since 2003

Mara learned to appreciate the efforts and results of home cooking at her mother’s table, where family dinners were rarely missed.

This was the place where the family came together, not just to eat, but to share the events of the day, offer support, and re-connect. The presentation of a great meal became the promise of something more. In 2003, she began to share her food philosophy in her hometown of Hillsborough and the surrounding communities of the San Francisco Bay.

Chef Mara continues to strive to provide an unparalleled solution for families and individuals in their mealtime and catering needs. 

With deep respect for all creatures and the earth, we are committed to sourcing ingredients which support happier lives for animals and the farmers who care for them, and limit negative impacts on the environment through their farming practices.  We believe that the effort that our vendors put into their practice returns products that are also tastier and healthier.

We love to share our style of "comfort food": that which nourishes bodies and souls AND does right by our environment.

Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.

— Michael Pollan

What We Do:

cook delicious food

cook with organic and non-GMO products whenever there is a choice

focus menus on seasonal vegetables

cook beef, chicken and turkey that was raised on pasture, eggs that were laid by pastured chickens and fish that was harvested in the "Best" way according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program

buy those meats directly from the small farmers who cared for the animals

buy our fish from a real fishmonger

steadily reduce our collective consumption of animal-based products by substituting plant foods whenever the resulting deliciousness is not compromised

financially support conservation organizations (including POST, Nature Conservancy) and those that oppose factory farming (including Humane Farming Association, Farm Sanctuary & Slow Food)

solve a problem for the eater who is concerned about the state of our food system and wants to reliably source thoughtfully chosen ingredients and eat homemade meals created with them

remain transparent to our customers about the true cost of their food


What We Do Not Do:

cook meat raised in a factory, a feedlot or a cage

cook eggs from chickens raised in a factory or a cage

cook with GMO products whenever a non-GMO option exists

cook out of season veggies or with a non-organic product if another option exists


We cook for clients in Hillsborough, Millbrae, Burlingame, San Mateo, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Los Altos (and if your home city isn't listed, please inquire!)


(650) 291-0002





SAMPLE menus are not complete but merely an illustration of potential menu choices.  All veggies are seasonal and organic, meats are pasture-raised, seafood is "best choice" and dairy is organic.

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